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We build Web Sites, Web Shops, Web Directories .... Web Anything .... You'll Love Your Listaway Site.

Web Sites

No two are alike - What do you need?

Maybe you're a blogger, a professional, a large organisation. Build it with Listaway.

Building your site with Listaway means building it the way you want it - not someone else's idea of how it should be. You know your customers and we know our code. A perfect match.

Web Shops

For all your Ecommerce needs

Have your Ecommerce store just the way you like it. Listaway makes it easy.

Don't just upload products and hope for the best. Use a system that helps you manage your selling opportunities and website visitor's needs. Listaway has the tools you'll love.

Web Directories

Build a site like Yelp or AirBnB

Build your dream directory - Make connections and make money.

Forget fumbling around with pre-built directory themes for Wordpress. Make your own choices, make your own decisions and let Listaway implement them for you. 

Web Anything

All the possibilities we havn't yet thought of

Got an idea but don't know where to start? Talk to us today about your project.

Our website building platform and tools are highly versatile and if we need new code? Well we just write it! Tell us what you're thinking, let us offer our insights. You can do it with Listaway.

Choose Listaway

For Support

Finally a solution that let's you take control of your web presence.

If your website is an important piece of your business or organisation then it's vital you have complete control over it.
Listaway provides that support through any channel you prefer whether its by phone, email or direct chat on our website - anytime, anywhere in the World.
Own your web presence with Listaway.

For Value

Listaway is affordable in both the short and long term.

Our pricing packages offer extraordinary value for money. Our setup fees are a fraction of our competitors and our ongoing monthly fees are modest to say the least.
Eliminate the unknowns, invest in your website, invest in your future.
Listaway costs less, short and long term.

For Features

Listaway has the features that matter - The features you'll love.

Are you going to be led by your needs or are you going to force your project into someone else's framework?
Talk to us about your project and let us contribute our insights. If there is a feature you need that we currently do not offer we are likely to implement a solution free of charge. Just ask.
We provide the features - You put them to use - No extra costs.

For Design

We build your site your way with your designs. There are no limits.

Convenient premade themes can be expertly coded and even beautiful in design but when it comes to creating your own unique style and personality that's where the convenience ends.
Listaway websites are what you might call 'built from scratch'. There are ZERO design limits with Listaway - There are ZERO obstacles.
You provide the design - We build it for you - Pixel perfection.

For Opportunity

Looking to make money? Sell more products or win more subscribers?

Listaway websites let you put your best content of the day right in front of your users - All without any complicated settings panels.
Selling subscriptions? Listaway tools give you unrivalled options, customised to your market's needs. 
Monetising your site depends on the value it brings.

For The Future

Free yourself from the uncertainty of Wordpress themes.

Wordpress themes bundle features and functionality into a single integrated solution and unravelling code can be extremely challenging.
Listaway features are delivered via a series of individual and isolated plugins making development work far simpler and transparent.
Listaway is easy to extend and manage.
Package Options

White Glove

€499 Set Up + €49 Monthly

See What's Included *
One fully equipped and operational website.
Ongoing, unlimited development of your entire project.
Fast and secure hosting / backups / optimisations.
Free access to this Listaway support portal.
How Does It Work?
We start by talking, maybe a video call? You tell us what you need, we discuss tactics and techniques and finalise the scope of your project in it's first phase. Enhancements and changes can follow in later phases - All included in the price.
Once we have our roadmap agreed we install your new 'Base' site on our servers where you can view it live over the internet. This is where you will see your vision come to life and once completed we will release it into the wild using your chosen domain name.

The Incubator

€99 Set Up + €19 Monthly

See What's Included *
One single page website with reduced functionality.
Unlimited development of your single page project.
Fast and secure hosting / backups / optimisations.
Free access to this Listaway support portal.
How Does It Work?
The process is identical to the 'White Glove' option.

* NOT included : But we can help!

Your website's assets, images, designs or copy required are NOT included.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are NOT included.
Your domain name is NOT included. Please ask for assistance.
Dedicated email services at your domain name are NOT inclued.
Newsletter / SMS / Mailchimp Etc type services are NOT included.
Promotional materials of any kind, printed or digital are NOT included.

Platform Highlights

Listing Types
Create any kind of content and as much of it as you like. There really are no limits. Talk to us about the possibilities and the content you need to create.
Front End
Admin / Posting
Creating, editing and manipulating your content is all done without any intimidating 'software' screens. You do it all directly on your site!!
Live Chat
Let your site visitors talk to you directly no matter what page, product or post they are viewing. Use separate inboxes to manage your responses.
Create beautiful profiles for your customers or site members. Allow user-to-user chat, video uploads, customise content and much more.

Who is Listaway For?

If you are looking to build or rebuild a website but you're not comfortable with the technical stuff then Listaway is for you. You'll love your Listaway site.

Charitable Causes
Club Directories
Life Coaches
Equipment Hire
Taxi Services
Motor Shops
Local Services
Special Interests
Professional Bodies
Hobby Groups
City Guides
Events Diary
Authorised Dealers
Bands For Hire
Wedding Suppliers
Places Of Interest
And More ...
Listaway websites are not built using Wordpress Themes. In fact Listaway pages and templates are hand built using Oxygen - The modern way to build with WordPress. 
Listaway provides a White Glove service meaning we build your site for you according to your needs. No more fumbling around reading web design tutorials!
Listaway provides all your software, hosting, maintenance and security needs, all included in the one Fixed Price. Your site is in safe hands.
There are no additional or hidden costs associated with your Listaway website and customers can request Changes and Updates as often as they like. It's all included.
Listaway handles your website but stays clear of your revenue. All financial transactions which may occur on your site are handled privately by Your Providers.
Data stored in your Listaway site may be transferred at any time to a comparable installation of Wordpress. You are Never Locked In to the Listaway platform.

Want To Get Started?

Create a simple user account to activate our 'Live Support' feature and to access new content, demos, tips, tricks and more.

Get in touch and let's talk about your project.

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